Team Sessions

Set the foundation, clarify the problem and get others on board.

Good strategic thinking is based on three core principles.

Strategic Approach

Gain confidence by using proven methodology and tools to solidify your foundation.

Problem Solving

Solve the real problem behind your challenge by getting to the heart of the issue and weighing your options analytically.

Clear Communication

Get everyone on board by expertly staging your idea or solution and improving soft skills.


We don't believe in one-size-fits-all.

Our sessions are a first reference point. Every team has a different starting point, skills and strengths though. That’s why we individually tailor each session. We’ll find out what this looks like in a first conversation.

In addition to industry and role, we also consider the following:

For strategic beginners vs. advanced learners
German vs. English (native speaker)
Virtual as webinar vs. in-person as workshop
Resources as template only vs including sparring
Session informative vs with project reference

Meet your strategist.

Think like a Strategist was created by Désirée Bambynek to give brand makers, project leaders and creatives more structure, clarity and direction in their daily work.

In her 10+ years in consulting global big players and local market leaders on agency side, she has worked through numerous challenges, set up various project frameworks for execution and led teams to success.

She understands how to get to the heart of the matter quickly and purposefully, and to customize strategic methodology to fit team requirements.

Sometimes it takes a little more.

There are situations where you simply need an expert to get to work and solve the problem quickly. In that case, an experienced strategist is at your side.