Our story

When I founded Think like a Strategist, I wanted to create an inspiring learning space that empowered individuals in their daily projects, giving confidence and clarity.

In my 10+ years of working as mentor, leader and consultant, I’ve seen many colleagues and clients lose sleep over the myriad of options available today, second-guessing or not even starting their projects.

I realized that the key was not decreasing the number of options (which is near to impossible), but weighing them more effectively and being able to swiftly make decisions.

Finding the common denominator.

Cutting through the noise and buzzwords, clearly piercing the core of a challenge, swiftly developing a clear structure moving forward – that’s what strategic thinking is all about. And it’s a skill I was lucky to learn in my studies to becoming a strategist.

Over the course of a decade, my professional training and work experience have been my personal research lab for identifying and developing what kind of methods help in creating clarity.

Strategic thinking is for everyone.

A solid strategic approach is a skill worth learning. It helps classify developments, weigh options and make informed decisions – for organizations and individuals alike.

Building your strategic skills helps you make more of those smart decisions, but it also empowers you to make a greater contribution in your role and reach your goals.

But the biggest advantage is this: It gives you confidence and clarity of direction.

–– Désirée Bambynek, Founder and Strategy Coach
Our sessions are carefully crafted with experience and insight to help you develop your inner strategist and empower you to lead your projects to success – one decision at a time.